Canal Park

Defiance, Ohio

The Miami and Erie Canal Park is part of the Buckeye Trail. It follows the route of historic Miami and Erie Canal.

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Canal Park
Canal Park
Canal Park

About Canal Park

Another Paulding County gem is historic Canal Park. Located on St. Rt. 111, just one mile west of Five Span Park at the junction of the Miami-Erie Canal and the Wabash-Erie Canal.

A marker erected at this juncture provides fascinating information. A work in progress, changes are forth coming to Canal Park. These improvements will provide the public with another cozy spot to read, relax eat lunch and enjoy the sunshine.

History Fact: The Wabash-Erie Canal was constructed to connect Lake Erie with the Wabash River in Indiana.

Ground was first broken at Fort Wayne, Indiana in the spring of 1832 but didn’t reach completion until 1843.

The Wabash-Erie Canal enters Paulding County from the west and passes through the northern townships. The Miami-Erie Canal enters Paulding County from the south and passes through the eastern townships.

They unite at the village of Junction.

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