Projects & Events

2024 Park Projects

The following is a list of park projects the Board would like to accomplish in the coming year.

  • Improve parking at Fort Brown and Cecil Bridge Park.
  • Add Fencing and install the donated fire rings at Flat Rock park. 
  • Electric, Security, Handrail and play set at Rochester Park.
  • Porch swing at Cecil Bridge.

Paulding County Trail Project

Exciting Collaborations

The Paulding County Trails Project is a transformative initiative to connect areas of Paulding with trails. The first phase of the proposed trails will connect Lela McGuire-Jeffrey Park to the Black Swamp Nature Center and Reservoir Park on the Southwest side of Paulding. Eventually, it is our hope to expand beyond that, connecting homes to downtown Paulding and recreational areas in and around the community.

Every visit to a park brings new things to see and discover! Its proven that time spent outside sparks creativity, reduces stress, increases physical and mental wellness and contributes to the livability of a community.

Visit a park today and see for yourself!

Go outside and play!